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Color on the Logo Explained


The Kangaroo mascot represents the School - Hopper - which will help your child jump to a brighter future. The kangaroo with a child in its pouch signifies the protector form, the guide that HOPPER aims to be for the child inside its pouch. The kangaroo looks straight into the audience signifying confidence and a will.

The child in the pouch is a happy, playful child signifying that the child is happy being a  part of HOPPER. His/Her open arms signifies him/her embracing the world and his sparkling eyes reflects the childhood innocence and the desire to explore.

The kangaroo is connected to HOPPER with a dotted line that depicts motion and your child’s guided entry into Hopper. The same dotted lines have been given to letter 'R' to maintain connectivity and give the logo a flow.

Also the letter 'O' and 'P' in the middle come together to form a pair of curious, inquisitive eyes. This is done to give a more playful children feel.


A combination of Purple and Yellow with dash of grey, gives the entire brand Identity a lively and forthcoming look. Yellow signifies energy, positivity, happiness, excitement. Purple(bordering towards blue) signifies creativity, magic, coolness of mind. Its also a happy color.

Purple on the yellow backdrop stands out with detailing brought out by grey.

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