Reetika Singh – Principal

From the Principal’s desk

We started our first glorious session in 2015-16. It has indeed been a journey to learn through experiences, observations, hard work, dedication and commitment. Hopper is a beginning of a new era of education in Kharar. The School is providing quality education to students using the latest and the best methods. We aim to provide a stimulating environment instilling sound moral and spiritual values, creating the emerging leaders of tomorrow as we envision our kids as leadership icons, positively impacting a synergy of skills, knowledge and values in our children, focusing on student centered approach and child friendly practices and beliefs. Since every child is born with certain innate abilities, while others are acquired through the journey of life, our staff understands every child’s unique learning style and helps the children follow the best practices. With our pedagogy and set practices, we enable our children to realize their full potential and desired learning outcomes. We strive to keep a constant vigil on the child’s social, emotional, linguistic and other important developmental milestones.

Thus, the aim of Hopper education is to place into the world, balanced children having a well-groomed personality, who are socially, emotionally and intellectually well adjusted, with a great deal of understanding about themselves, their relationship with those around them and the situations in which they find themselves. We aim to provide a strong foundation where parents, grandparents and children experience the most inspired, spiritual, loving and child friendly education, having strong academic, practical and artistic curriculum, fostering the child’s natural capabilities at each developmental stage.

We at Hopper International Smart School, introduce new activities and learning material to develop abilities in the most stimulating manner, creating a balance of teacher directed and student initiated activities. Children learn through their FIVE senses and so what they see, hear, feel, taste and touch plays a pivotal role. They learn through interaction with family, friends, teachers and their surroundings. Parents must thus be good role models for their children, inculcating right values, ethics and leading the child on the right path, thus respecting their elders, the school, its rules and regulations as kids learn the best under positive conditions, i.e. when they feel good about themselves and our fabulous faculty truly

supports their learning. Our combined efforts will help our children to be the best in every field and that’s what we truly strive for. Looking forward to your continued help, support and active co-operation.

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