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The first eight years in the life of an individual is referred to as early childhood. This phase determines the future of a child not just in terms of his education but also his, abilities, personality, individuality and success. If a child lacks education in his first eight years, it can spell doom for his future. It is very important to provide a child proper early childhood education so that he can be developed properly. During this phase, a child’s mind properly develops and as they say, “wiring of the brain is laid down”. The mental, emotional, social and educational ...


We started our first glorious session in 2015-16. It has indeed been a journey to learn through experiences, observations, hard work, dedication and commitment. Hopper is a beginning of a new era of education in Kharar. The School is providing quality education to students using the latest and the best methods. We aim to provide a stimulating environment instilling sound moral and spiritual values, creating the emerging leaders of tomorrow as we envision our kids as leadership icons, positively impacting a synergy of skills, knowle...


Sonal Malhotra is also the Director of Neha Playways, a leading national player in manufacturing playways. Having a huge customer base across the globe, Neha Playways is entering the foray of education by opening a new School near Kharar, Punjab. The School has been named ‘Hopper - An International Smart School’ in tune with its philosophy of letting children experience,explore an...



At Hopper International School, physical activities and exercises to enhance the agility, stamina, sportsmanship and team-work of the student are sincerely implemented to develop the mind and body.

Children must play and work with materials or other children. They should not aimlessly wander or sit quietly for long periods of time.

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