We honestly adhere to the belief that early childhood should be a period for the child to indulge in the maximum number of recreational and pleasurable activities. However, in today's extremely competitive scenario these very precious years too need guidance in terms of letting the child develop a perception towards learning/reasoning and inculcating basic behavioural skills.

We provide a constructive and organized learning environment where the child is introduced to indispensable learning methods such as self-exploration and realization. There is a very basic ideology to this approach, we want to stimulate the young minds so that they become more receptive to the concept of education and soaking up knowledge, preparing them for the more conventional and extremely competitive mode of education that lies ahead.

Due to their very young mind-set, Preschool children are naturally very impressionable, curious and creative. We, at Hopper International Smart School, constantly strive to further nurture these fundamental characteristics in our students through playful learning. This is why our teaching method doesn't insist upon imposing a classroom regimen on the students. Instead, our teachers are focussed upon understanding the learning aptitude of each student and then further refine it through a selective assortment of classroom and outdoor activities.

We believe that discipline should be instilled among children when they are very young and they are able to soak it up much easily as it becomes a part of their growing up. In order to achieve this, we follow a school uniform across all our branches. This develops a sense of fairness among the students and helps to curb any sub-conscious orientation towards discriminating each other. This example underlines our curriculum's comprehensive approach that encourages emotional development of the child besides academic success.

The preschool follows a Brain Based learning methodology whereby regular stimulation is given to a child during the "windows of opportunity" which are the critical periods in a child's life when specific learning takes place. They also believe in creating an environment which encourages learning with all the five senses through which an infant's social, emotional, cognitive, physical and language development are stimulated during multi-sensory experiences.

Brain research within a nurturing environment is one of the main goals of Hopper International Smart School. The organization strives to enable children to develop their social, emotional, physical and academic skills resulting in a joy towards learning. We also aim to make parent participation an integral part of their ward’s academic program and to make each parent more knowledgeable about child development, behaviour patterns and positive guidance techniques.

At Hopper International Smart School, we believe that children are capable and eager learners. We support their need for hands-on, meaningful activities and are advocates for the importance of play. Through play, children learn the rules of society; they work out emotional problems and develop imagination. In play, children learn how to share, to negotiate, to collaborate, and how other people feel; they formulate, test and revise theories about the world around them. While they play, they are masters of their own world — they are in charge. We consider these years critical, not only for the world of knowledge waiting to be learned, but because basic attitudes are being formed — about their world, people with whom they are in contact, and most of all, about themselves. Each child is valued and respected as an individual. We are committed to helping children learn problem-solving skills, to become responsible for actions taken and to develop increased control over body and mind. Emphasis is on the all-round, holistic development of the child. Our staff, comprises of skilled, caring teachers duly trained, committed to helping each child reach their full potential in the emotional, social, physical, creative and cognitive domains. We are dedicated to establishing strong connections between children and their peers, children and staff and staff and families. At Hopper International Smart School, adults and children are partners in creating meaningful curriculum and growth experiences throughout their life.

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