Aarvi Girdhar (Grade 3)

Father: Raman Kumar (Software Engineer)

Mother: Juhi Wadhwa (Homemaker)

As parents, we are very glad that our daughter Aarvi Girdhar is a part of the Hopper family. We like the system of the school. It has lesser class size as compared to other private or public schools, so the students get personal care and individual attention. It has home-like environment that children are always excited to go to school. It not only focuses on students’ co-curricular activities, but also on their all-round development. Our daughter loves to participate and perform in every field. She is developing as a confident and brilliant child. We thank all the staff members for their support, hard-work and efforts they are putting in for the development of children. The Principal of the school has a very positive approach. Her encouraging words help the students to shine and grow well. A big thanks to her for her continuous guidance and motivation. I believe Hopper International Smart School is one of the best schools in Kharar (Mohali).

Arsh Rana (Grade 4)

Father: Mukesh Rana (Businessman)

Mother: Manpreet Rana (Coordinator - Administration)

As parents we would like to take the prospect to thank the teachers for their continuous care, support, collaboration and most importantly patience. We have witnessed massive and exponential development in our son. He is blessed to have such diligent and hardworking teachers and we feel exceptionally obliged to have our son studying at Hopper International Smart School. Thanks to the entire staff fraternity for their endurance, quality care, enthusiasm, diligent efforts and passion provided every single day. Our son willingly looks forward to going to school as he is extremely comfortable there. He tries to follow his teachers as role model at home too. A special mention for Principal Ma’am, Ms. Reetika Singh for always being accessible for both personal and professional concerns. She always goes an extra mile to help and support anyone and everyone who reaches out to her.

Deeher Sharma (Grade 4) & Naahir Sharma (Grade Nursery):

Father: Sahil Sharma (Software Engineer)

Mother: Shivani Sharma (Software Engineer)

Life at Hopper International Smart School has been amazing for our kids and very cool for us as parents. The teachers give the adequate push to children to grow well. There is no unwanted pressure that hinders their mental growth. The USP of the school is the focus and attention that every single teacher gives to the children. We have seen the efforts both during offline classes and online classes. The school has exceptional teachers who are very dedicated and hardworking.

Yashwinder Singh (Grade 5) and Jaskaran Singh (Grade 3):

Father: Pushwinder Singh (Clerk at the Punjab & Haryana High Court)

Mother: Sushma Rana (Home Maker)

We are very happy that both our children are a part of Hopper International Smart School as this school helps in the over-all development of the children. The school not only provides good education, but also pays attention on other activities. The staff of the school is very cooperative, truthful and sincere in their dealings. Even during the Covid span, the teachers taught every single child very lovingly and made sure there was conceptual clarity. We are thankful to Principal Ma’am for providing us such wonderful teachers and infrastructure. Our children are in safe hands.

Rantaas Kaur Dhanoa (Grade Nursery)

Father: Gurinder Singh Dhanoa (Businessman)

Mother: Loveleen Kaur (Teacher)

It is a pleasure for us to have our child enrolled at Hopper International Smart School, where our children have such an amazing Principal Ms. Reetika Singh and Admin Coordinator Ms. Manpreet Rana who along with the teachers, helpers and admin staff ensure the safety and good upbringing of our children.To highlight, I would like to bring to light an incident wherein my daughter dropped her lunch box and spilled the food items. Her class teacher and caretaker immediately reached her, cleaned the spillage and the class teacher shared her own tiffin with my daughter. She is so attached to her teacher and caretakers that she does not like to miss school for even a day. Thank you Hopper International Smart School for making us proud parents as our kids are heading towards the road to success at Hopper.

Ridit Rana (Grade: UKG)

Father: Narinder Rana

Mother: Anu Rana

Hopper International Smart School provides an environment where we can learn a lot of basic skills. Children as young as three years old are taught how to read and write. This School has student clubs that focus on particular hobbies and interests for students who would like to delve deeper into their chosen sport or pastime. The school also has various online portals such as online fees transfer, where we can transfer the fees via pay pal or bank transfer. They also mark the attendance of our children at this portal, which makes our life easy as we get to know that our child is sitting in the classroom and delivering the homework of our child at this portal, reminds us that our kid needs to finish their homework before they go to school. Hopper also has active social media accounts on which they always upload pictures and videos of our children delving in activities that helps us remain up to date with our child’s progress.Teachers in this school play a key role in any student’s life. They are like the child’s second parents. We are truly grateful to the management, staff and support staff for their tireless services for the upbringing of our children.

Gurkirat Singh Mander (Grade 3):



We are very happy to be a part of the Hopper family since 2016. The staff fraternity is very warm and supportive and possess brilliant teaching skills. The Principal, Ms. Reetika Singh herself is involved in every activity done by the children. Besides imparting bookish knowledge, the school staff also shares information about various festivals, religions, their significance and importance. In 2021, a ghastly incidence occurred with us on a personal front and our son’s class teacher, Ms. RajLakshmi Mehta played a significant role in helping him overcome the situation and trauma. The personal touch provided by every member of the school faculty is unparalleled.

Gursirat Kaur Sidhu (Grade 3) & Ishaan Singh Sidhu (LKG)

Father: Gurkirpal Singh (Section Incharge Bio-Chemistry Department, Sohana Hospital)

Mother: Gurjit Kaur (Home Maker)

We are very proud members of the Hopper family. It is situated in very clean and green surroundings. All staff members of the school are very dedicated and have a very warm and loving behaviour. Their teaching methodology is exceptional. Ms. Reetika Singh, the Principal herself takes keen interest in every activity of the school and is committed to excellence. We are a part of Hopper International Smart School since 2016 and both our children are studying here. We believe this school will get tremendous success in times to come.

Harshita Sah (Grade 4):

Father: Kailash Pati Sah (IT Professional)

Mother: Geeta (Home Maker)

Hopper International Smart School is an amazing school. Strong study habits are formed at a very early stage. The small class size ensures excellent involvement between the staff and students. The teachers and administrators are loving, supportive and fully accessible.

Gunvir Kalyan (Grade 3) & Manvir Kalyan (Grade UKG)



The teachers are doing wonderful activities to sharpan the knowledge of our children, using new technology and curriculum. We are extremely grateful to the Administrative staff, teaching staff and support staff for being so wonderfully involved in the upbringing of our children. We are deeply obliged and lucky to have found a school like Hopper International Smart School for our children.

Angel Kaur Mundi (Grade 5) and Agamveer Singh (Grade 1):

Father: Manvinder Singh [Truck Driver (Overseas)

Mother: Satvir Kaur (Home Maker)

We totally love the school as the teachers are extremely kind, cooperative and well qualified. The system of the school helps both my children to lead a disciplined life. Both my kids have learnt fine values from their teachers and I am continually impressed by how well all teachers know the students. Even the faculty in grades above our children know them well, beyond just recalling their names. The attention given to minute details is truly appreciable. The teachers, admin team and support staff are excellent and fully accessible. They are always ready to help. The nannies and drivers are also very caring. We feel safe when our kids are in school.

Zorawar Singh (Grade 2)

Father: Harinder Singh (Civil Engineer)

Mother: Jagjeet Kaur (Home Maker)

A special and big thank you to the Principal for her huge experience and positive impact on the school with all her patience, creativity and love for students. Our son has achieved a lot in these years of his stay with Hopper. The teachers are amazing. They treat my son like their own child. The environment of the school is very child friendly. This school has done a world of good to our son and has brought about immense light in our son. He will surely do his school and the nation proud one day.

Arshpreet (Grade 5) and Sharry (Grade 2):

Father: Ramanpreet Singh (Farmer)

Mother: Sandeep Kaur (Home Maker)

Both my children are studying at Hopper International Smart School. The discipline of the school is very good. The behaviour of respected Principal Ma’am is very warm and kind. She gives her love and warmth to all the students. The teachers are very well qualified and equally hardworking and committed. The nannies take care of every single child-like their own. They are responsible and totally dedicated. The drivers are very well trained and mature. We are proud members of the Hopper family.

Mannat Rana (Grade 3) & Anirudh Rana (Grade 1):

Father: Rahul Rana (Supervisor - Municipal Corporation)

Mother: Sweety (Home Maker)

The staff of Hopper International Smart School is very well qualified, hardworking and dedicated. Child care is the top most priority of this school. The teaching methodology is brilliant. All students are treated at par. Various competitions are conducted on a regular basis to enhance the abilities of students. Every child gets a chance to prove themselves and hone up their talents. Both my children are a part of this esteemed school and their confidence and behaviour is excellent. Hopper International Smart School is among the best schools in the region. It has proved to be a blessing for our children.

Supriya (Grade 5), Kritika (Grade 2) & Divyansh: (Grade: LKG)

Father: Rampal (Truck Driver Overseas)

Mother: Home Maker

We love the warm, loving and caring environment of Hopper International Smart School. All three of my children are studying here and learning very well. The teachers are very well qualified and give full attention to every single child. Ms. Sharda, Ms. Upasna and Ms. Manisha’s way of teaching is outstanding. The Principal of the school, Ms. Reetika Singh is very kind hearted and intelligent. She is running the school in an appropriate manner. All staff and sub staff are appreciable. They all do their work with utmost honesty and sincerity.

Khushnoor Singh (Grade 2) & Sanawar Kaur (Grade Nursery):

Father: Amritpal Singh (Farmer)

Mother: Sunpreet Kaur (Home Maker)

We are proud to be a part of the Hopper family. Online teaching during Covid times was a huge challenge for all schools. Teachers had to balance work life and personal life. However, the teachers of Hopper International Smart School made it very simple for children. They came very well prepared for every lecture and taught our children very well. The worksheets and videos shared with students during online teaching kept students glued to their studies beautifully. Having activity based classes too during the covid times like music, dance, art, cooking without fire and various competitions did not let boredom seep in and children had optimum learning, growth and development. Even in offline classes, teachers take utmost care of their teaching content and keep children in discipline, yet very happy. A special mention for Ms. Loveleen who gave extra knowledge to students in a very friendly manner and Ms. Rakhi who pays attention to every aspect of my child’s development. Her play based teaching method is loved by every single child and they have all become very proactive and enthusiastic. It is a treat to listen to the school stories that children share with us when they come back home. We would like to thank the Hopper fraternity for going above and beyond for our children and being such an important part of our family and community.

Arashpreet Kaur (Grade UKG):

Father: Gurdeep Singh

Mother: Seema Rani

Hopper International Smart School is an exceptional school. The biggest asset of the school is that they have numerous activities for children which keeps them constructively occupied. Every month there are competitions conducted which boost their morale and confidence, also helping them overcome stage fear. The staff is outstanding and facilities provided are very good. The online classes during lockdown were fantastic. Our child’s studies did not suffer even for a day. We are very proud of the efforts put in by the Principal, teachers and other staff members.

Aarav Sharma (Grade 1)

Father: Chandan Sharma (Manager KFC)

Mother: Reena Kumari (Teacher)

Hopper International Smart School is a fantastic school. The Principal of the school, Ms. Reetika Singh is experienced and enjoys a great reputation in the education industry. The teachers are thorough professionals, very caring and well organized. The admission process was very smooth and simple. Every day my child looks forward to coming to school. He enjoys and learns new things every single day. His class teacher, Ms. Renu Sharma is a very soft-hearted and fantastic human being. My son loves to partipate in a variety of activities and enjoys the company of both, his teachers and classmates. The admin team is very supportive. Special mention for Ms. Jaspreet, who readily answers all queries, regularly.

Kudrat Kaur Gill (Grade 1):

Father: Pritpal Singh (Farmer)

Mother: Kanwaljit Kaur (Home Maker)

It has been a great experience with Hopper International Smart School. We would like to thank Principal Ma’am, all the teachers and admin staff for shaping our child’s future and helping him with a strong foundation. We really appreciate all activities organized by the school under the guidance of Principal Ma’am like art and craft classes that are very unique, public speaking sessions where every child gets an opportunity to speak on stage, different dance forms are taught to children and their singing skills are also sharpened, sports and fitness is given a lot of importance and various activities and competitions where children get the exposure to explore themselves.

Naira Shukla (Grade LKG)

Father: Rohit Shukla (Private job)

Mother: Komal Shukla (Home Maker)

Our experience at Hopper International Smart School has been exceptional. The teachers have truly invested in our child’s education and growth as a learner. Adjustments are made in school as needed to meet the needs of the students. Small class sizes and student based learning have enabled our child to gain confidence and show case her talent in varied arenas.

Fatehveer Singh (Grade LKG):

Father: Sukhwinder Singh (Farmer)

Mother: Amanjot Kaur (Home Maker)

In our opinion, Hopper International is a fantastic school. It is the best in our region. The teachers are very caring and well organised. The atomosphere of the school is excellent. Our personal experience with the admission process was very nice. The school counsellors guided us very well and everything that was committed to us at the time of the admission was provided in school.

Manik Chona (Grade 3)

Father: Sanjeev Chona (Doctor)

Mother: Amandeep (Lab Technician)

Hopper International Smart School is a student friendly school. They have a group of exceptional teachers who teach students in a manner that is understood by one and all in the class. The building is beautiful along with an open ground and play stations that keep the children very happy and rightly engaged. The teachers are friendly, yet firm and our children thoroughly enjoy going to school. Hopper is a pocket friendly school and is the best school in our region.

Gurmanjot Singh (Grade 3)

Father: Gurinder Singh (Driver Overseas)

Mother: Jaspreet Kaur (Home Maker)

With the guidance of the faculty at Hopper International Smart School, our son has developed into a confident and capable child. The patience and commitment of the staff is unparalleled. We wanted a school where besides only bookish knowledge, other fine values are also taught and children are given care and love. With Hopper, we got all this and more. We would like to share an incident that happened in school a few days ago. It was a hot day and our son was not feeling well. The nanny took him to the washroom but on the way he fainted. The nanny and his class teacher were there along side and held him before he could get hurt. The teachers took off his shoes and gave him first aid immediately, including the Principal who was there with our child till he had ORS, ate something and was feeling fine again. In the mean while we were informed and when we reached school, our son was smiling and was very happy with the way he was treated. So much personal touch is rarely seen in schools now days.

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