English: Establishing a good grip over pencils and focusing on good and neat handwriting. Revision of two letter and three letter words and formation of complete sentences, basic life concepts like seasons, months, days of the week, time concept, beginning sound, ending sound, picture study, sight words, story narration etc. Oral drill A to Z along with objects relating to the objects.

Maths: Revision of previous concepts and more mathematical concepts. Written concepts from 1 to 200. Oral Drill from 1 to 200, focusing on proper recognition of numbers and counting. Elaborate Mathematical concepts focusing on ascending order, descending order, cardinal numbers, basic addition and subtraction.

Hindi: Focus on rhymes and introduction to Swar and Vyanjan, both written and Oral, two letter, three letter and four letter words, recognition of words from Barahkhadi and use of matras.

Art: Varied art activities from cutting, pasting, lacing, paper folding, blow painting, freehand drawing, paper tearing, vegetable printing, coloring, screwing/unscrewing, clay modeling, squeezing, pouring, sprinkling, hand and foot printing,  mixing of colors for learning the concept of secondary colors, gift wrapping, grating, decorating, best out of waste, model making, sponge painting, cotton dabbing, paper bags, peeling, decorating beads, spray painting, leaf painting, tying ribbons, strings and ribbons and many more.

Environmental Studies: Know how about the World around and its practical aspect with major focus on learning by doing.

Rhymes and Stories: Rhythmical incarnation of rhymes and stories to build on the correct accent, diction and intonations in English and Hindi.

Yoga & Meditation: For a peaceful start to the day and to feed the brain with tranquilised thoughts as Yoga and meditation have a calming effect on the child.

Dance: To add grace, dignity and poise to each child and also encourage them to comprehend beats and move accordingly. Further, it aids in the development of Gross Motor Skills.

Music: To add melody and sweetness to the voice of the children. It also adds to the holistic development of each child.

Physical Training (P.T): For Gross Motor development and to keep the children fit and healthy. Such activities include crawling, jumping, running, play-station rides, toy train, tripod basketball, skating, ball throwing and catching, balancing, aiming and throwing, imitation, hopping, coordinating, clapping, sand play, stepping, passing objects, popping ballons, throwing, nature walk, bending, squatting, kicking, riding on swings, tip toeing and many more.

Excursions: For practical learning and bettering each theoretical concept.

Guest Lectures: Story telling by experts to add to the vocabulary of children and to aid learning by correlating.

Celebrating festivals, Cultural activities and important days: To promote unity in diversity and to acquaint our children with all religions, cultures, festivals and important personalities.

Moral Values: To encourage the formation of important life skills and make our children grow up to become moralistic, ethical and principled young chidren.


  • Chalk & Talk
  • Role plays
  • Puppet shows
  • Group activities
  • Experiential learning
  • Identification
  • Matching
  • Sorting
  • Observation & memorizing
  • Recognition
  • Multi-sensory learning
  • Pincer grip activities
  • Story Telling

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